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Bruno Connect Classic home elevators offer a premium design that seamlessly blends into your home. The Connect Classic home elevator effortlessly transports two users between floors and has available options to further maximize comfort.


Bruno types:

  • Connect Classic Home Elevator

    Connect Classic Home Elevator

    ·         Premium Quality. Superior engineering & premium materials deliver a robust, dependable unit.

    ·         Stylish Design. Acrylic panels and refined hardware give open, modern appearance.

    ·         Quiet Ride. Exceptionally smooth, quiet travel from start to finish.

    ·         User Friendly. One-button operation via in-cab control panel or wireless remote.

    ·         Installation Versatility. Bedroom, kitchen, dining room, closet – install almost anywhere in the home!

    ·         Back-Up Batteries. Lowers elevator in event of a power outage. Emergency phone capable.

    ·         Easy Access. Low-threshold entrance ramp is less than one-inch transition.

    ·         Integrated Safety. Upper/lower safety sensors and access restriction feature provide peace of mind


  • Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    Lift Capacity
    500 lb (230 kg)

    Cabin Height
    Compact, Classic, XL: 74.75” (1900 mm)

    Travel Height
    Maximum: 157.5” (4.0 m)

    Travel Speed
    Up to 16 fpm (0.08 m/s)

    Power Supply
    Single phase 110V 60Hz dedicated RCDprotected supply

    Cabin Space
    Compact: 21.25” x 29.50” (542 mm x 750 mm)
    Classic: 33.50” x 29.50” (850 mm x 750 mm)
    XL: 33.50” x 49.25” (850 mm x 1250 mm)



  • Available Options

    Available Options

    Choose the Bruno Connect model that matches your individual needs and space: Compact, Classic or XL.

    Fold-Down Seat

    Add a fold-down seat to your Connect home elevator for addition comfort.

    Handrail Controls

    Make operation even easier by adding a handrail equipped with integrated controls.

    Extra Handrail

    Enhance floor-to-floor rider stability with optional extra handrails.

    Power-Open Door

    Simplify entry/exit from your connect  home elevator by adding a power-open door


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